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KWYN-AM 1400 went on the air September 28, 1956 at 250 watts and has now grown to 1,000 watts full-time. KWYN was established by Raymond O. "Bud" and Hannah Raley, originally from Paragould, Arkansas. Bud also originated the phrase "City With A Smile" that has been the official slogan of the city of Wynne and is on the welcome sign to town. There were several people vying for the 1400 frequency at the time, including Sam Phillips, the founder of Sun Studios and Sun Records who also discovered many new recording artists, among them, Elvis Presley.
KWYN-FM 92.5 广播电台在线收听. 美国 / 社区 / 本地音乐. KWYN-FM 92.5 电台直播. 电台广播在线收听.

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KWYN-FM 92.5 4.6/5 - 3

位置: 美国 / 社区 / 本地音乐
电话号码: (870) 238-8141
地址: 2758 U.S. 64, Wynne, AR 72396
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